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Hiring for Aptitude and Attitude

I believe a key factor in hiring the right person for the job is to have the proper mix of  interviewers to be able to assess an applicant from different perspectives .  Just recently, our department (technology service provider for Student Affairs) went through a hiring process for a database developer.  We were looking to fill a position to provide support for our developers in setting up and managing databases. In my role as the head of the unit consisting of developers,  I was assessing the applicant from the customers’ perspective.  Joining me in the interview committee were other co-workers who were more technical in nature (server admin, database manager).  To be consistent with all applicants, we have a set of questions we ask each candidates. These questions consist of technical and behavioral questions.

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Interviewing Don’ts!

In my career, I’ve played the role of the interviewer and interviewee many times. When I’ve interviewed for positions, I always prepared a lot, learning about the company, the job description  and prepared  answers for every potential questions I could be asked. Throughout the years, I have compiled questions and answers as a Powerpoint slides  for myself which includes introduction, behavioral questions, personal strengths/weaknesses, reasons for leaving current job and motivation for the position I am applying for, technical questions and questions specific to the position. I have shared this to my friends and staff as well.

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