Student Affairs Department PortraitMy name is Joe Sabado. I am the the Executive Director for  Student Information Systems and Technology (SIS&T) and the Associate Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Division of Student Affairs at UC Santa Barbara.  I feel blessed that I have a job that combines my passion for student affairs and technology! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing students develop from the first day until they graduate and  to be a mentor for a few of these  students. I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1997 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Asian American Studies and received my MBA with specialization in Information Technology Management in 2016 from Capella University.

In my position,  I also oversee the Graduate Division information system. The systems I oversee include mainframe applications, vendor systems and web applications. Below is a list of departments whose information systems I oversee.
• Admissions
• Arts and Lectures
• Campus Learning Assistance Services
• Career Services
• Counseling Services
• Disabled Students Program
• Early Academic Outreach
• Early Childhood Care & Education Services
• Educational Opportunity Program
• Financial Aid Office
• First-Year, Graduate and Instructional Programs
• International Students and Scholars
• Multicultural Center
• Office of Judicial Affairs
• Office of Student Life
• Office of the Registrar
• Orientation Programs & Parent Services
• Recreation
• Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD)
• Student Affairs Grants & Development
• Student Mental Health Response Coordination
• storke Student Publications
• Student Health Service
• Visitor Center
• Women’s Center

How I became a leader in the technology field in Student Affairs with a Poli Sci major is a journey in itself and an interesting career path. I was hired as the first full-time webmaster for the UCSB Division of Student Affairs in 1996. After about 1 year in the job, I felt the need to explore the private industry so I worked for a corporation as a web developer for about 6 months. I missed the campus environment so I asked if I could return to my job and I was offered my position back. After a year or so however, I was intrigued by the prospect of working for a start-up and I so I left again, but after 2 years, the thrill of a start-up environment faded and after a chance encounter with a former colleague at a bookstore, hearing about the systems they are building, I realized I needed to go back. Fortunately, I was again offered the same position I left but with the added responsibilities managing a team of web developers. In 2005, I left to work for the Housing and Residential department at UCSB but after 9 months, I was again offered a position managing an even bigger team.

My passion for student affairs and technology began when I was a student at UCSB. As a very active student leader in the Asian American community, through the projects I worked on, I was introduced to the different facets of student affairs and more importantly the staff who work in them. The staff and administrators I became to know were the most passionate, genuine and caring people who really cared about students. Some of these staff and administrators have become my mentors throughout my professional career.  When I graduated and joined the Division of Student Affairs at UCSB, I wanted to provide the same mentorship and care I had received as a student so I became an organizational advisor for the Filipino American interest organizations for 8 years and in addition, I am also now an advisor for a Latino interest fraternity.

As a student, I was also fortunate enough to have been given the opportunities to experience working in student affairs via these positions:

  • Internship in leadership and multicultural programs
  • Tagalog and Ilokano tutor in the Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS)
  • Resident assistant for Upward Bound, a summer program for high school students
  • Resident Assistant for Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP), a two week summer program
  • Peer Advisor for Educational Opportunity Program geared towards first generation/underrepresented students
  • Student web developer

I decided to develop this blog to share my thoughts on anything student affairs related including technologies, leadership and management.  I will also be sharing my thoughts on  other areas of interests. It is my intention that through my blogs, I am able to exchange ideas and make connections with others who share my same interests. I am always willing to learn and willing to share what knowledge I have. I would love to read your comments/feedback!

The personal views, contents, and opinions expressed in my blog are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.