I walk into some of my colleagues’ offices and I see their diplomas (MBA. Masters, technical certifications) on display on their wall. Sometimes I feel embarrassed that I don’t have an advanced degree. Because of financial reasons and that as a first generation college student, I didn’t really know that there’s formal education beyond a 4-year university, going to graduate school was never my goal when I entered the university. I suppose I can hang my undergraduate diploma to show my credential but I somehow never found it to be that important to show. What I really value though and what I have on my wall in my office are those that represent me and what I value. Some of the things on my wall are the following:

* Picture of my wife and me

* Certificate of Appreciation for being a facilitator for a 2-week summer transitions program for first-generation students

* “Best Team Builder Award” certificate

* A Filipino Jeepney toy

* Some toys from past department White Elephant gift exchanges

* Collage of pictures with a “thank you” message from a group of Filipino-American students I used to advice

* Copy of a campus newspaper that has a story about a campus-wide web committee I chaired

*  “UCSB Margaret Getman Service to Students Award” nominee and recipient certificates

What’s on your wall?