Starting something is important. After all, to finish something, you have to start somewhere.  However, as important is to commit and actually finishing them. This year, like many of you out there, I listed my resolutions. One of them was to be healthier which includes losing weight.  I have made this promise so many times in the past but somehow I never stuck to it. This year is a little different. I’m now seeing the results. In the last two months, I have lost 12 pounds through exercise and healthier eating. This may not sound much but for me it is.  I finally started keeping track of what  I ate and dedicated some time to start walking, even for 30 minutes stretches and going to the gym.

The inspiration for this blog post actually came from looking at the draft blog posts I see on my list, ones that I’ve started but did  not quite finished. Even if these ideas are good,  readers of my blog will never see them if I left them incomplete. So, here I am again committing to finally completing the posts “in progress.”

What ideas/projects have you started you should start working on again?