In my life, there have been many people who have helped me along the way. These are people who inspired me, provided me opportunities and guidance to be where I am now as a person and as a professional. These are what I call my mentors. They are the ones who always made me feel better about myself. They’re like leadership books, self-help books come alive. Interestingly enough, not all of them even know who I am, but what this person said made so much impact on me for what they said/actions I observed I now consider them my mentor.  I find inspirations everywhere, from everyone, so the list of people I will write about is just by no means a complete list, but nevertheless, these are people who have made significant impacts on my life.  These are the people that when faced with certain situations I am not sure on how to handle, I ask the question – “What would he/she do in this situation?”

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