Sometimes I think we only move forward and accept bigger responsibilities in our professional lives when we feel capable and confident, when we feel ready. I had a co-worker once who turned down a promotion because he felt he was not ready. How many of us never even bother submitting our job applications to a position we would like to apply for but based on the job description we don’t feel we won’t even be considered? How about not accepting a job assignment or an opportunity because we think we’re not capable and we are scared of failing? I still feel that way from time to time but looking back at my career, the greatest growth and greatest sense of accomplishments came when I decided to be bold and just accept the responsibility without thinking much of the consequences of failure. Let me give you three experiences that made a significant impact on my career.  These are three instances that while it may not have been the brightest move, by stepping up and taking on the challenge, I was able to use them to grow as a person and as a professional.

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