Since the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, higher education institutions have developed policies and guidelines. However, this list of resources and the following documents/web pages focus primarily on teaching and learning, specifically the ethical use of Generative AI. Perhaps not surprising is that it is infrequent to come across robust campus policies and guidelines to inform the entire campus community (staff, students, faculty, and researchers) on the appropriate use of this technology. One university that may have the most coordinated campus AI response is the University of Michigan. If other universities have as comprehensive a strategy as U of Michigan, please share it at so I can add them to the collection above.

As one always looking for opportunities to contribute to the thoughtful adoption of Artificial Intelligence in higher education, I developed a template that higher education institutions could consider using to promote their campus AI policies and guidelines.

Please let me know other sections and contents to include in this document:

Template – Campus Guideline for the use of Artificial Intelligence

Responsible Generative AI Use: Balancing Innovation and Responsibility at