What are the themes of the 20 Generative AI/ChatGPT sessions at the Educause Conference 2023? As a higher education IT professional and one who has been exploring the uses and implications of GenAI in higher education, I was curious about what to expect. I will attend the national conference, so I am excited about what to expect. I prompted ChatGPT to analyze the themes for the following sessions; the results are below.  Here are the sessions with descriptions.

Core Themes:

  1. AI Ethics and Equity: A recurring theme, focusing on the moral and fairness aspects of AI.
  2. AI in Education: Examines the transformative potential of AI in teaching and learning.
  3. AI Strategy and Leadership: Discusses the integration of AI into institutional strategies.
  4. AI in Technical and Operational Efficiency: Looks at how AI can streamline various institutional processes.
  5. AI’s Current and Future Impact: Evaluates both the immediate and long-term effects of AI in education.

Unique Themes:

  1. AI and Extended Reality: Explores the intersection of AI with virtual and augmented reality.
  2. AI in Assessment: Discusses the role of AI in academic assessments and integrity.
  3. AI as a Collaborative Tool: Views AI not just as a tool but as a partner in the educational process.

I wanted to go further and prompted ChatGPT to analyze themes for each session. Here are the results.

Monday, October 9, 2023

  • AWS Powerful Partnerships Built on Data Get Results
    • Theme: Data-Driven Decision Making
      • Description: Utilizing data analytics and AI to solve challenges in higher education.
    • Theme: Cross-Institutional Collaboration
      • Description: Building effective teams across institutions to foster innovation.
  • Generative AI as a Deep Agent of Chaos for Higher Education
    • Theme: AI in Education
      • Description: The impact of AI on various aspects of higher education.
    • Theme: Futurism
      • Description: Forecasting the future impact of AI on higher education.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

  • Generative AI Implications for the Future
    • Theme: AI Ethics and Equity
      • Description: Discussing ethical and equity issues related to AI.
    • Theme: AI Research and Development
      • Description: Proposed research agenda for understanding AI’s impact.
  • Generative AI: 5 Questions for Higher Ed CIOs
    • Theme: AI Adoption Strategies
      • Description: Different approaches to adopting AI in educational institutions.
    • Theme: IT Efficiency
      • Description: Leveraging AI for operational efficiency.
  • Generative AI: the Good, the Bad and the Bias
    • Theme: AI Ethics
      • Description: Ethical considerations in the deployment of AI technologies.
    • Theme: AI Limitations
      • Description: Understanding the limitations of AI in practical applications.
  • EDUCAUSE Leadership Series
    • Theme: AI in Leadership
      • Description: How leaders can navigate the challenges and opportunities of AI.
    • Theme: AI in Pedagogy
      • Description: Educational opportunities related to AI.
  • Boom or Bust? The Future of Generative AI in Higher Education
    • Theme: AI Impact Assessment
      • Description: Debating the potential long-term impacts of AI on higher education.
  • Generative AI: The Future of Learning in Higher Education is Now
    • Theme: AI in Learning and Development
      • Description: How AI can personalize learning and improve efficiency.
  • Beyond ChatGPT: Exploration of AI in Higher Education
    • Theme: AI Preparedness
      • Description: Preparing educational institutions for the impact of AI.
    • Theme: AI Pros and Cons
      • Description: Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of AI in education.
  • Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality
    • Theme: AI and Extended Reality
      • Description: The synergistic effects of AI and virtual reality in education.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

  • Assessment in the Age of Generative AI
    • Theme: AI in Assessment
      • Description: The impact of AI on educational assessments.
    • Theme: Academic Integrity
      • Description: Concerns about authenticity and integrity in AI-driven assessments.
  • From Innovation to Transformation
    • Theme: AI-Driven Pedagogy
      • Description: Innovative teaching strategies using AI.
  • Risky Business: Can Workflow and Artificial Intelligence Bridge the Enrollment Cliff?
    • Theme: AI in Enrollment
      • Description: Using AI to improve student enrollment processes.
    • Theme: Budget Management
      • Description: Financial considerations in AI adoption.
  • AI Together: Developing Usage Policy for Generative AI with Students
    • Theme: AI Policy Development
      • Description: Creating guidelines for AI usage in educational settings.
  • Generative AI Is More than a Tool- It’s a Digital Collaborator
    • Theme: AI as a Collaborative Tool
      • Description: Viewing AI as a partner in the educational process.
  • The End of Business as Usual: Embracing Generative AI within Higher Ed
    • Theme: AI Strategy and Leadership
      • Description: Integrating AI into institutional strategies and leadership.
  • Bias, Stereotypes, and Hallucinations in Generative AI
    • Theme: AI Bias and Stereotypes
      • Description: Addressing issues of bias in AI outputs.
  • Generative AI in Higher Education: Implications for the Present and Future
    • Theme: AI’s Current and Future Impact
      • Description: Assessing the immediate and long-term effects of AI in education.
  • The Future of Generative AI: Take Action Today
    • Theme: AI Future Planning
      • Description: Preparing for the future impact of AI in education

Thursday, October 12, 2023

  • Generative Pre-Trained Transformer: A 2023 Odyssey in Technical Support
    • Theme: AI in Technical Support
      • Description: Using AI to enhance IT support services.

Analyzing themes of conference sessions is yet another use case for ChatGPT. I could have also gone further to do some research on the presenters, their work and stance on Generative AI, and generate some questions to ask at their sessions like I did in this blog post.

I hope to see you at the conference to share ideas on Generative AI and Higher Education or let’s connect via email at joepsabado@gmail.com.