ChatGPT can be useful for generating interview questions given job description. Here’s an example of such use.

Prompt: Act as a hiring manager. Generate interview questions for the following job description. Categorize the questions into technical, situational, behavioral, competency-based, and personal and future-oriented categories. Provide 5 questions for each category.

The following Job Description is from an actual job advertisement on for a “Director of Information Technology” at a higher education institution.

Job Responsibilities General Functions:
· Oversees all aspects of technology at the college.

· Oversees system wide communications, staff at all campuses, coordinates the enhancement of online services inclusive of website and Student Information System (SIS).

· Oversees publications functions and publications staff at the college: including official online catalog.

· Interacts with other offices/departments for publications projects related to efforts of promoting positive marketing on behalf of COM-FSM.

· Ensures compliance with ACCJC Accreditation Standard I.C Institutional Integrity for college publications.

· Ensures compliance with ACCJC Accreditation Standard III.C Technology Resources.

· Serves as the ex officio officer to the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) committee.

· Serves on the Management Team.

· Represents the college at various forums at the local, state, regional, and international levels.

· Advises the vice president of institutional effectiveness and quality assurance (VPIEQA) on technology related matters.

· Provides monthly and quarterly reports to the VPIEQA.

· Promotes and ensures compliance with the college’s technology policies and procedures.

· Develops and responsibly manages the information technology budget for the college.

· Develops and responsibly manages an inventory of information technology assets across the college.

Strategic Planning
· Develops strategic planning for the unit aligned to the institution’s strategic plan(s) and goals.

· Develops an information technology plan supporting the Integrated Educational Master Plan (IEMP).

· Coordinates with other units or college leadership to ensure seamless operations and effective technology solutions at the college.

· Identifies and implements process improvements that result in time and cost savings at the college.

Project & Implementation Management
· Leads, coordinates, documents, and tracks technology related projects at the college.

· Collaborates and coordinates with stakeholders and vendors of projects.

· Reports and prioritizes project risks for enhanced oversight, management, and resolution.

Process Improvement & Training
· Identifies opportunities to streamline internal processes, and leads identification of solutions.

· Coordinates and/or conducts training to college users to maximize efficiency.

· Completes an annual unit evaluation and assessment and ensures the results are archived in TracDat.

· Completes a program review to evaluate unit effectiveness in accordance with the four-year cycle for administrative units.

Here are ChatGPT’s generated interview questions based on the text and prompt above.