I came across a couple of blog posts and some tweets on why it’s not a good idea to love one’s job. It made me think of how I I approach what I do in student affairs. I’ve come to the conclusion that for me to do what I do, I really do need to care and love the purpose of my contributions and the folks that impact them for me to have put the efforts and thoughts all these years. By no means am I suggesting  other folks who don’t share the same level of care/love can’t/don’t do their job as well or better than I do. Nor am I suggesting that my job is all fun and games. I share my stories not to suggest other folks should approach their jobs like me, but because I do genuinely feel blessed to be working for an organization which provides me personal and professional satisfactions.

The bureaucracy, the lack of resources to do what need to be done, and sometimes difficult personalities are challenges that make my job hard at times. At times, I feel as I’ve been treated lesser than others because of the color of my skin or my background. But, they are all worth the efforts to deal with them given the reasons why I’m in student affairs. To me, it’s about helping the first generation students who don’t have parents and family members who can help them navigate college, those who are struggling financially to attend school, those who are trying to find themselves in a society that is not fair at times. The satisfaction in my job is just seeing these students succeed. They may not even know I exist. That’s okay. I’m not asking for anything in return from these students personally. I’ve been fortunate though to have built relationships with some students that have lasted beyond their years at UCSB.

If I view my job in student affairs IT as just about computers, I’m missing the bigger picture. In the end, it’s about helping students succeed through technology and my roles as discussion leader, organizational advisor, mentor, and a facilitator. In my role as the director/leader in my IT organization, it’s about helping my staff and my colleagues grow, create an environment where they feel personally satisfied with what they do and that they feel they are contributing. Ultimately, my job is about helping people and helping build communities. I am also part of the UCSB community.

As I reflect on this topic of why one should not love their job, I came across these blog posts I’ve written in the past that remind me of why I love my job.

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