Life is short. So cliche, but so true. A friend and colleague passed away just the other day and it’s during these times I am reminded of how valuable my time really is and where I should focus my time and energy. Some of the thoughts that came to mind:

  • I can spend my time worrying about what I can’t control or put my efforts and enjoy towards those areas  I do have control.
  • I can be depressed about things I don’t have or be grateful for the things I do have.
  • I can think about how life is so unfair because I wasn’t given opportunities or just suck it up and move on.
  • I can spend time criticizing others for their shortcomings or reflect on mine and work on improving them.
  • I can spend my time getting frustrated about what happened in the past, which I can’t change, or focus my attention towards the present and the future.
  • I can get mean people get to me or just ignore them.
  • I can keep on talking about things I’d like to do or go ahead and do them.
  • I can ask keep on asking for permissions or just ask for forgiveness later.
  •  I can keep on making excuses or just do something about it.

Life really is short. Life has been good. I just need to remember how good life really is.