This MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) entitled “Exploring the Student Affairs in Higher Education Profession” may just be the closest experience to being in a formal student affairs course for those who have not taken a course in student affairs and higher education. This is one of the reasons why I chose to enroll in this MOOC. While I have more than a decade of student affairs professional experience in my formal role as IT staff and through volunteer positions (FYE discussion leader, summer bridge program instructor, org advisor, ,,,), it is only through self-directed learning that I have been able to learn about some of the fundamental principles/theories and history of student affairs. I’ve always believed that to be an effective student affairs IT professional, I need to have the practical experience and theoretical knowledge  to be able to contribute to the mission of my university and the purpose of student affairs, which I understand it as creating the environment and providing support towards holistic student development and learning.

There are other reasons why I am in this MOOC which include the following:

  • Better understanding of MOOC. I need to experience MOOC firsthand to be able to determine the values and pitfalls of this form of online learning. I read enough articles about the merit and shortcomings of MOOC and it’s personally intriguing. As a higher ed professional, online learning (including MOOC), is an area I need to be more knowledgeable to better prepare myself and my department in providing infrastructure and services to support online learners, instructors, and student service staff. In addition, I am interested in learning theories as well as computer-mediate communication and how technologies factor/impact the learning and communication processes.
  • Create connections with other students. Much of my “alternative professional development” has been through the use of social media, mobile and e-books as well as my virtual Professional Learning Network (PLN)  consisting of folks I met through twitter. These are folks who share my professional interest in student affairs/higher ed, technology, and leadership. Beyond the resources (videos, documents, web pages, etc) provided by the course,  I expect that the biggest value I will receive from this MOOC is the new connections and interactions I will have formed by this course is over. I can’t think of any other venue that provides me with a platform to have discussions with this many aspiring and current student affairs professionals. To be able to tapped into their mindsets would be one of the biggest value from this experience.

I completed the first module (out of eight) this evening and since students are allowed to go through the course on their own pace, I am hoping to complete the course in the next few weeks. Given that this is my first MOOC, I am excited for this experience and to be able to learn about student affairs in a topic I am comfortable with.

What’s your experience with MOOC? What’s your take on it?