Years ago when my wife and I started dating, I learned a very important lesson about not taking out my problems on those that have nothing to do with it. We had gotten to a petty argument and when I dropped her off at her place, she was still upset when she got out of the car but when she was greeted by her friends, her demeanor suddenly changed to being very cheerful. She was actually laughing with them and here I was more upset as to why she wasn’t as upset as I was. I could not understand how she could be so upset one minute but then be cheerful the next minute. The next day when we spoke, I had to ask her how and why she did that. Her answer was simply “they had nothing to do with it. I was upset with you, not with them.” This concept sounds so simple but not always practiced.

When you’re having issues at home, do you carry them over to your work and your co-workers and customers? When you had a bad day at work, do you take your frustrations out on your loved ones when you go home? Something to keep in mind.