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I decided to develop this blog to share my thoughts on anything student affairs related including technologies, leadership and management.  I will also be sharing my thoughts on  other areas of interests. It is my intention that through my blogs, I am able to exchange ideas and make connections with others who share my same interests. I am always willing to learn and willing to share what knowledge I have. I would love to read your comments/feedback!

The personal views, contents, and opinions expressed in my blog are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Info


    I’m not sure if you received my last mail, but as I saw, you have linked to our website (http://www.howtostartablog.org) from http://joesabado.com/2011/07/blogging-resources/ which is great. However, I’m the owner of the howtostartablog.org website and I just wanted to say that we are closing doors and moving the site. Therefore, It would be much appreciated if you change the URL from http://www.howtostartablog.org to http://howtostartablog101.org since this will be our new(up-to-date) and modified site.

    Best regards,
    B.J (owner of http://www.howtostartablog.org and http://howtostartablog101.org)

  2. Erin Vondrak

    Hi Joe,

    First and foremost, nice
    work on the Joe Sabado blog. We love what you’re doing,
    and your posts were engrossing. We’ve been reviewing literally hundreds
    of education blogs,
    and we hand-picked yours as one that we thought would be a perfect fit with
    what we’re doing.

    You can rest easy that
    we’re not here to ask you to review our latest innovation in gluten-free energy
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    What we do make is Haiku
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    of the best ways to engage readers, and with Haiku Deck you can create killer
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    this one (my story in Haiku Deck form), in no time flat.

    Would you be game for
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    be honored to have you as part of our creative community, and we’d truly value
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    I can get you started
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    Thanks so much,

    Erin Michael Vondrak

    Community Manager, Haiku

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    P.S. If in fact you are
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